Your compassion and caring shined through from the first phone conversation until you left our home after the bris. Every detail was handled perfectly and you had all of us feeling comforted, calm and overwhelmed with happiness. I am not currently a member of any synagogue and have missed the sense of belonging for quite some time. You helped fill that by the intimate and personal setting you created at our home.

Orlando, FL
I’m a mother of many boys and been at many brissim, and have never seen a child so calm and relaxed following a Bris.

Twin Cities, MN
It was so easy to take care of the baby following the Bris.

Birmingham, AL


Rabbi Weinbaum was so caring during the whole brit milah. Best of all, it healed quickly,and our pediatrician was so impressed with our son’s circumcision
Tampa, FL
Rabbi Weinbaum’s knowledge of the medical field and Jewish law were impressive, and his combination of confidence, care, and sensitivity put me at ease.
Iowa City, IA